Housing Co-operatives

Co-Op Rules, Meetings and Governance

Gehlen Dabbs works with various resource groups, management companies, and individual housing Co-ops to develop legally sound rules and policies for housing Co-ops. We also provide assistance in day-to-day matters including advice on contentious meetings of the board of directors or of the general membership.

Occupancy Agreements and Membership Terminations

Various legal steps are necessary when terminating a member's occupancy agreement or membership. We have extensive experience in assisting housing Co-ops with all aspects of membership terminations, including when necessary appearing in court to enforce the Co-op's termination rights.

Human Rights Disputes

We represent housing Co-ops in the defence of complaints brought against them at the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. This includes dispute resolution and mediation as a means of avoiding Tribunal proceedings, as well as applications to and hearings before the Tribunal itself.


Gehlen Dabbs represents housing Co-ops in every aspect of financing, typically for funding for building envelope or other remediation. We have extensive experience in dealing with CMHC and British Columbia Housing Management Commission, as well as chartered banks and credit unions.

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